Valverde might have an unhealthy dependency on Lionel Messi

Barca boss Ernesto Valverde might have an unhealthy dependency on star player Lionel Messi.

He states that Messi is there for the club whenever the team needs him – almost like a saviour or hero.

“Having [Messi] is a huge advantage,” Valverde said after the game.

“Leo appears at any moment and scores a goal from anywhere.”

Barca won against the Basque side, ending 2019 with a win and Valverde spoke after the match.

“The first half was great on our part, [but in] the beginning of the second [we didn’t have much] momentum and that’s where the [Alaves] goal came,” Valverde continued.

“We finally took a breath with the third goal.

“We’ve also come from a very intense match on Wednesday and when you make it 2-0, it seems to be an important gap, but I don’t think so.

“I blame it on the merit of the opponents.

“In this game we were especially interested in not having any fright, [as we were] aware that Alaves could hurt us.

“We are leaving with a good feeling, because we know [the league] is long.

“We are on a good way for when the games where you play for things arrive.”

The question here is – what will the club do when Messi isn’t available any longer? Something to think about.

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