Valverde reveals what happened to Barcelona on that Anfield night

Ever since that infamous Anfield night for Barcelona, things have not been the same at Nou Camp.

Barcelona never quite recovered from the result mentally and have been a shadow of themselves. The club faded away into nothingness towards the end of last year in terms of their playing philosophy and it was ll too messy until Messi would rescue them match after match.

Their recently sacked coach Ernesto Valverde has now revealed what happened in that one dreadful Anfield night. 

“In Liverpool, they scored a goal we wanted to avoid once we started the match,” Valverde told the Star.

“One goal would have advanced us. They then scored two goals in a minute.”

“These things happen,” he added. “You always go on the side of the winner.

“In the away match against Liverpool, we suffered a lot but were able to win [at home] by three goals.

“Champions League is very complicated to win, Europa League, World Cup, Euro Cup…they are all tournaments that depend on one match or one situation.”

From 3-0 up to losing 4-0 for a club like Barcelona really does take it out of their winds. For Liverpool it has only been up and up since then.

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