Valverde set for contract extension at Barcelona!

Look away Barcelona fans, this one is going to sting!

When Ernesto Valverde was appointed as Barcelona coach, there was not a lot of people who agreed that the right move was made. 

However, Barcelona were not worried as they rarely ever made high profile signings for the role of a coach. Instead they go for someone who understands their philosophy and style and can suit their club culture.

Take a look at the likes of Tito Vilanova, Gerardo Martino, Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique. While Pep and Luis were famous footballers, they hardly had anything on their CV as managers when taking on the Barcelona job.

So when Valverde was announced, everyone let it pass thinking it might be another one of those bosses who will understand the club.

It has been two years at the club and Valverde has won league titles on both occassions. We are in his third year and he might win it again as Barcelona are in the lead.

He has not fared too badly in the CL for Barcelona. However, the fans are still unhappy. WHY?

It is because he simply does not know how to play football the Barcelona style. Whether he wins or not is secondary.

Valverde is now reportedly set for a contract extension at the club. 

He is not the Barcelona manager we need. Someone tell the club.

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