Valverde's presser before Espanyol - all you need to know!

Barcelona’s manager Ernesto Valverde talks about several points ahead of the Espanyol game.

Valerde talked about Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s injury in the presser.

“It’s true that he’s had some tendon problems for some time now. He won’t play against Espanyol and probably won’t be ready for the Spanish Super Cup. I don’t know [if he needs surgery] the doctors haven’t discussed it. We haven’t reached that extreme just yet,” he said.

The Barca boss also has a lot of faith in Neto as a replacement for Marc-Andre ter Stegen, stating that Barcelona has zero doubts about him.

“He’s got a great attitude in terms of training every day and coming in when needed. He played at a very high level against Inter Milan. We have no doubts about him, we see him train everyday. We believe in him.”

When talks about Espanyol came up, Varlverde said: “In a derby, the standings don’t matter. For us, it’s a very important match and we have to know how to play it. They are in a difficult situation. It’s a derby and the distances in these games don’t exist; you play a lot with your heart. We want to win because of that emotional component, too.”

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