Vidal is here to stay at Barcelona

Arturo Vidal is here to stay at Barceloma.

The rumor doing the transfer round is that Arturo Vidal is a highly wanted target at Inter Milan.

Vidal rose to his fame with a successful spell under Antonio Conte at Juventus. He then went on to play with Bayern Munich where again he was very successful and won the Bundesliga.

His next switch was a little weird as he joined Barcelona, a team known for their team game and passing and positional discipline.

Vidal is a brilliant player uniquely but he necessarily does not fit the style of play here. He is a power house midfielder who likes to do things his own way.

He is a good trump card to have for certain matches but that is the extent of Vidal’s football at the club.

However, at Inter, Conte is doing a fine job of making them a strong team again and the Inter manager wants to reunite with his player from the Juventus team.

However, for some weird reason, the Barcelona team want to hold on to Vidal. 

It is being reported that the player’s status at Barcelona is untouchable and he is not going to be sold!

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