Vidal On Being Back In Training: A pleasure to be back

Vidal has expressed his feeling about Barcelona being back in training – and he’s liking it so far.

“It was a pleasure to be back in training after two months of quarantine. You enjoy a lot when you are on the field with your teammates.”, Vidal told Barça TV.

Vidal admits the things have been looking good so far for the team and are preparing for the coming months. With 11 games in La Liga and Barca being merely 2 points ahead of Real Madrid, the stakes are high.

“We are feeling very good and we have several important months ahead of us. We have 11 games left in the league, and they will be like 11 finals.”

He also gave an update on striker Luis Suarez, after he came down with an injury recently. However, Vidal says that he is recovering – which is great for the Catalan club.

“Suárez recovering from his injury is crucial for us. We are going to face very intense months with a lot of games in a row. We have to be at our best in both competitions.”

“I love playing with the fans in the stadium, but we have to adapt to the situation and focus on achieving our goals.”

The season-end will definitely be worth a watch!

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