Virtuous Bartomeu is Barcelona's greatest Cerezo

Hold on to your seatbelts for this one ladies and gentleman.

It’s not a joke as Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has come in to back his counterpart Josep Maria Bartomeu, the infamous man at Barcelona who is under fire for money laundering, ruining club culture, fighting with Messi, spying on players and much much more.

‘Bartomeu is a great president and in the future, he will be regarded as one of the great presidents of Barcelona, ​​where there have been many, but among them will be Bartomeu,” Cerezo said, as per Marca.

“Above all, Bartomeu, has a great virtue, which is that he is a very great and excellent person.”

At first, you might be fooled into thinking that Cerezo is doing it to rub into his opponents or just wishes as all rivals do that Bartomeu continues at Barcelona so as to completely destroy the club.

However, it takes all of a sudden turn as Cerezo clarifies that he speakes not as an Atletico man but as a close friend of the Barca chief.

You have got to ask Cerezo whether he is just a poor judge of character or does he have any plans to ruin football at Atletico as well!

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