What Barcelona can expect from new signing Lucas Roman

Barcelona has signed 18-year-old teenager Lucas Roman.

The teenage striker will join the Barcelona-B team as he was unveiled on Wednesday night.

His contract with the Catalan giants will run until 2026 and has a buyout clause of 400 million euros.

He is one of the highly-rated talents in Argentina and Barcelona has managed to secure a deal for the teenager.

His former club president Daniel Pandolfi explains what Barcelona can expect from the 18-year-old striker.

“Can I commit heresy? He has a lot of things from Messi. The scouts saw that. He has a short dribble, a mid-distance shot… obviously he is hundreds of kilometers away, but he has those characteristics,” he said.

The president also detailed how Barcelona has been tracking Roman for a while now.

“They had been following him for a while. He was in the Argentine sub16 and sub18, always advanced compared to his age. He made his debut in our team at the age of 16 and was always there to start,” Pandolfi assured.

”They pay 1.2 million and we reserve 15% of a future sale,” he added.

“Barça will pay 2 million if the footballer plays 20 games, 3 if he reaches 30 or 4 if he reaches 40. The fee could reach a total of 5.2m euros.”



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