What does El Clasico mean?

Football fan or not you have almost definitely heard of Barcelona and Real Madrid. 

The two Spanish clubs are the biggest clubs in the world. They have brilliant players who are famous all around the world. 

The event has now come to be known across the world as ‘El Clasico’. What does it mean though?

What does El Clasico mean?

El Clasico has a literal transalation which means ‘the classic’. The meaning has now added more weight since it is now a symbol of the country’s nationwide civil war divide.

Although the El Clasico is played for almost 118 years, the name has been given to it recently.

Up until then it was called El Derbi.

Why are the two teams rivals?

The two teams always had a striking distinction given their history in Spanish Civil war and World War II. 

It intensified later as Barcelona started symbolizing with the Republicans of Catalonia whereas Real Madrid were under the kings and royal control of Spain.

Finally the fact that both clubs literally compete every season for the sam trophies as favorites, have made them the worst of rivals and best of El Clasico to watch!

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