What’s Barca’s path to beating Real Madrid next season?

The rivalry between Spain’s two most iconic teams has been present for decades – and it’s just as lively as it ever was. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have topped the list of La Liga battles for seasons past – and with the 2021-22 season now on the horizon, it’s likely that this will continue as the new year gets underway. This blog post will explore how the two sides look set to perform as the new season unfolds.

Key information

Before diving into questions of strategy and the likelihood of a victory for the Catalan side, anyone who is planning to place their bets at one of the reputable sportsbooks listed on a site such as indiabetting.co.in is likely to want to know the where and when of the upcoming season. The league, which is known as La Liga, is going to kick off in mid-August of this year and will stretch until spring of 2022 – so there’s plenty of time for the action to go down.

Sorting out squads

First off, it’s prudent to look at Barcelona’s player arrangement at the moment. With Ronald Koeman at the helm, the side has proven itself to be well-organized and covering all the bases when it comes to recruitment. So far, he’s shown good judgement in signing. But with Real Madrid believed to be the favorites to win, according to the betting odds, he may well be forced into making some bold moves. At present, it’s only speculation, but there has been some talk – or in some cases concern – that even captain Lionel Messi could be about to be sold or transferred.

Style of play

Another aspect to consider is whether or not Barca have locked down their preferred style of play. During their most successful period in recent times, for example, the side was often associated with a style known as “Tiki-taka”, which involves near-constant passing of the ball. While it has been disputed just how powerful this approach was in winning various matches and titles, it’s also the case that Barca’s playing style has been under increased scrutiny in recent years – and it is, in many ways, the world’s most watched club when it comes to gameplay strategy. With Real Madrid the favorites to snatch La Liga next season, it may be time for the side to re-pin its hopes on either the Tiki-taka strategy or another defined, distinctive style of play.

Overall, there’s certainly no crystal ball out there when it comes to working out who is going to beat whom in the next instalment of the long-running battle between these two sides. But what is clear is that the two teams are gearing up for yet another fight to the death – and there’s certainly no ruling out the prospect of a big celebration at Camp Nou when the season ends next year.


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