Why Griezmann Won't Be Getting Much Game Time

Quique Setien is determined to not let Antoine Griezmann have much game time – and here’s why.

With Setien under pressure and receiving rumours of being fired from the Catalan club, he left Griezmann on the bench till the 90th minute struck during the Atletico match, leaving fans wondering why. Griezmann has so far been left out of 3 of 4 matches which Barcelona last played.

Griezmann and Setien have been facing trouble with each other lately, with Griezmann’s family publicly calling Setien out on social media.

Setien, however, assured everyone, that the media is just creating a big deal over this to get some gossip. But he still can’t promise about giving Griezmann more game time either.

“Antoine is fine, he is a great professional. I have exchanged a few words with him, he is an extraordinary, professional boy and it will not affect him when he has to play again because he is a very [mentally strong] boy and I am sure that we will have him at 100% when he has to go back to the field,” he said, about Griezmann. 

“I have spoken of hierarchies, but I have not spoken of indisputable [players],” Setien later wanted to clarify. “Griezmann is a great player and very important for the club and the team. When he has played, you ask me about Ansu Fati. [Not] everyone can play and I have to decide [on] my [front line] and who I think contributes or does not contribute to the team. I take into account the importance and the hierarchy of each player, but in a club like Barça with so many players …  I know that some are going to get angry because not all are fit and it is a decision that I must take responsibility for, and that is what I do.”

“I have already experienced it on other occasions, it is part of the circus,” Setien said on rumors he could soon be out of job. “I know that there is a lot of noise around me but I do not listen [to it] or read [it]. It is not the first time that I have experienced it or that a coach has lived [through] a situation like this, when they don’t win a game.”

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