Why Liverpool should re-sign Barcelona's Philippe Coutinho

There have been talks of Barcelona’s Philippe Coutinho getting re-signed by Liverpool – and former Liverpool player Steve Nicol tells us why this should happen soon.

Philippe Coutinho is an attacking midfielder or winger for Spanish giants Barcelona. However, currently, he is loaned to Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich.

“I’d take him – for the right price,” Nicol told ESPN FC.

“When he last was at Liverpool, he didn’t only play wide in a front three, he played wide as one of three in the middle of the park.

“Do I think he could do that today? No.

“He just seems to have completely lost his way.

“I didn’t expect him to be able to do it at Liverpool, and he did, which was fantastic.

“But he seems to have lost his way.

Nicol agrees that Coutinho’s performance has dropped, but he believes that with some time, effort and extra training, he could be a good bet for Liverpool or even Manchester United.

“If he was to come back to Liverpool or Manchester United, it would take some time to get back in the swing of the Premier League.

“Manchester United haven’t got time to let him settle in.”

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