Why Mauricio Pochettino joining Barcelona is not an option

Mauricio Pochettino is now a free man. He can choose any club he wants to manage and one of the big guns looking for a new boss is Barcelona.

However, we do not believe that Pochettino becoming the boss is a realistic option. Back in 2017, it was by his own admission that the passionate manager said that he will definitely manager other clubs but never join rivals of the clubs he has already managed.

Pochettino was the boss at Espanyol and somehow we do not see him joining their rivals.

“But I am an Espanyol supporter. I don’t think I need to speak too much. It’s like if one day [the Tottenham chairman] Daniel Levy sacked me – in a few years it would be impossible for me to manage Arsenal.

In football I know it is so difficult to keep your values and to be loyal – with your heart and emotion. But for me before being a manager, before being a player, being loyal is more important. I am an Espanyol fan. I love Espanyol.

It’s like Tottenham for me now. It will be impossible, one day, to move to Arsenal. It will be impossible.”

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