You won't believe what Messi is doing at the gym!
Messi at the gym - is he watching himself? Image Credit :

Imagine it’s a regular day and you’re going to gym for your daily workout – okay scratch that, occasional workout – and the you see Messi running on the treadmill while watching himself score some cool goals.

Sounds pretty unrealistic? Well, it was definitely real for Valentina Jure and her brother, Franco Jure. They saw Messi enter their gym in Rosario – Messi’s hometown. 

“He came in as if he was any other, I could not believe it,” Valentina told a local news source.

“He used the machines like any other; he was smiling with everyone.”

Valentina snapped a photograph of him on the treadmill as well, to gather proof – in case no one believed her. And sure, no one actually did until she posted it on Twitter.

Her brother, Franco Jure, got a fan photo with him as well.

“Imagine training and then from nowhere, Messi shows up. Well, it happened to me,” Franco said on Twitter.

“I went to the gym and I found Messi watching Messi’s goals,” Valentina also added alongside the pictures.

“I couldn’t believe it, literally, my phone was exploding. Journalists and people from around the world wrote to me, it was hard to believe,” she continued.

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