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Barcelona fixtures and upcoming matches

Barcelona fixtures? Barcelona matches and upcoming games? Barcelona home fixtures? When is Barcelona playing away? Which are Barcelona remaining fixtures? The 2021–22 season is Barcelona's 120th season in existence and the club's 89th consecutive season in the top flight of Spanish football. Domestically, Barcelona has won a record 74 trophies; 26 La Liga, 30 Copa del Rey, 13 Supercopa de España, 3 Copa Eva Duarte, and 2 Copa de la Liga trophies, as well as being the record holder for the latter four competitions. In international club football, the club has won 20 European and worldwide titles; 5 UEFA Champions League titles, a record 4 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, a joint record 5 UEFA Super Cup, a record 3 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and 3 FIFA Club World Cup. Barcelona was ranked first in the International Federation of Football History & Statistics Club World Ranking for 1997, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2015 and currently occupies the second position on the UEFA club rankings. The club has a long-standing rivalry with Real Madrid; matches between the two teams are referred to as El Clásico. Every Barcelona fan is awaiting the new season but many of them might not know their fixtures. But no worries, we've got that covered as you can find out all of Barcelona's fixtures in the 2021/22 season here. Follow Barcelona live =>

Barcelona fixtures remaining games - when is the next Barcelona home and away match?

Barcelona upcoming fixtures? Who does Barcelona play against next? Here you can check out all the matches that Barcelona will play in the 2021/22 season. Below you will find out what time the Barcelona game you want to watch today will kick off tonight. Below you see the full fixtures schedule, game time and the order of these games for Barcelona matches for both the La Liga and the Champions League. You can visit this page to download the full official Barcelona game order in the summer of 2022. Barcelona's La Liga games are available to follow and bet on at Unibet!

Barcelona La Liga fixtures & match schedule 2021/2022

The fixtures have been released and the schedule for all the La Liga matches 2021/2022 are listed below, week by week and according to each game day. Then you can check how who Barcelona will play in the 2021/22 season and when.

Barcelona Match Time Schedule

When do Barcelona play next? When is Barcelona playing? What time is Barcelona playing today? What time does Barcelona kickoff today? Who are Barcelona playing next? Here you have Barcelona's full schedule for all Barcelona matches during the 2021/22 season in the La Liga and Champions League.

Barcelona Match Tonight

The Barcelona matches for the 2021/2022 have been decided in the English first division. Barcelona's Champions League fixtures are yet to be decided but on 29th August, we will know who Barcelona will play in the 2021/22 Champions League. Barcelona match tonight? When will Barcelona play next time? Here are Barcelona's La Liga matches in the fall and spring 2021/2022. Barcelona remaining fixtures

Barcelona La Liga fixtures 2021/22

Let us take a look at a complete Barcelona schedule in the La Liga here. Barcelona will have a really tough schedule to expect.

Barcelona La Liga fixtures 2022

Barca start the season by playing Manchester United away. The first home game is against Burnley and their fourth game is against their bitter next-door rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.
Day Date Home Team Away Team
Sat 09/03/22 Barcelona Rayo Vallecano
Sun 17/03/22 Real Betis Barcelona
Sat 30/03/22 Barcelona Espanyol
Tue 02/04/22 Villarreal Barcelona
Sat 06/04/22 Barcelona Atletico Madrid
Sat 13/04/22 Huesca Barcelona
Sat 20/04/22 Barcelona Real Sociedad
Tue 23/04/22 Deportivo Alavés Barcelona
Sat 27/04/22 Barcelona Levante
Sat 04/05/22 Celta Vigo Barcelona
Sun 12/05/22 Barcelona Getafe
Sun 19/05/22 Eibar Barcelona
Fri 16/08/22 Athletic Club Barcelona
Sun 25/08/22 Barcelona Real Betis
Sat 31/08/22 Osasuna Barcelona
Sat 14/09/22 Barcelona Valencia
Sat 21/09/22 Granada Barcelona
Tue 24/09/22 Barcelona Villarreal
Sat 28/09/22 Getafe Barcelona
Sun 06/10/22 Barcelona Sevilla
Sat 19/10/22 Eibar Barcelona
Tue 29/10/22 Barcelona Real Valladolid
Sat 02/11/22 Levante Barcelona
Sat 09/11/22 Barcelona Celta Vigo
Sat 23/11/22 Leganes Barcelona
Sun 01/12/22 Atletico Madrid Barcelona
Sat 07/12/22 Barcelona Mallorca
Sat 14/12/22 Real Sociedad Barcelona
Wed 18/12/22 Barcelona Real Madrid
Sat 21/12/22 Barcelona Deportivo Alavés

Barcelona fixtures 2019/20 - all Barcelona upcoming fixtures!

Barcelona La Liga fixtures 2023

Day Date Home Team Away Team
Sat 09/03/23 Barcelona Rayo Vallecano
Sun 17/03/23 Real Betis Barcelona
Sat 30/03/23 Barcelona Espanyol
Tue 02/04/23 Villarreal Barcelona
Sat 06/04/23 Barcelona Atletico Madrid
Sat 13/04/23 Huesca Barcelona
Sat 20/04/23 Barcelona Real Sociedad
Tue 23/04/23 Deportivo Alavés Barcelona
Sat 27/04/23 Barcelona Levante
Sat 04/05/23 Celta Vigo Barcelona
Sun 12/05/23 Barcelona Getafe
Sun 19/05/23 Eibar Barcelona
Fri 16/08/23 Athletic Club Barcelona
Sun 25/08/23 Barcelona Real Betis
Sat 31/08/23 Osasuna Barcelona
Sat 14/09/23 Barcelona Valencia
Sat 21/09/23 Granada Barcelona
Tue 24/09/23 Barcelona Villarreal
Sat 28/09/23 Getafe Barcelona
Sun 06/10/23 Barcelona Sevilla
Sat 19/10/23 Eibar Barcelona
Tue 29/10/23 Barcelona Real Valladolid
Sat 02/11/23 Levante Barcelona
Sat 09/11/23 Barcelona Celta Vigo
Sat 23/11/23 Leganes Barcelona
Sun 01/12/23 Atletico Madrid Barcelona
Sat 07/12/23 Barcelona Mallorca
Sat 14/12/23 Real Sociedad Barcelona
Wed 18/12/23 Barcelona Real Madrid
Sat 21/12/23 Barcelona Deportivo Alavés
Sat 04/01/23 Espanyol Barcelona
Sun 19/01/23 Barcelona Granada
Sat 25/01/23 Valencia Barcelona
Sun 02/02/23 Barcelona Levante
Sun 09/02/23 Real Betis Barcelona
Sun 16/02/23 Barcelona Getafe
Sun 23/02/23 Barcelona Eibar
Sun 01/03/23 Real Madrid Barcelona
Sun 08/03/23 Barcelona Real Sociedad
Sun 15/03/23 Mallorca Barcelona
Sun 22/03/23 Barcelona Leganes
Sun 05/04/23 Sevilla Barcelona
Sun 12/04/23 Barcelona Athletic Club
Wed 22/04/23 Celta Vigo Barcelona
Sun 26/04/23 Barcelona Atletico Madrid
Sun 03/05/23 Villarreal Barcelona
Sun 10/05/23 Barcelona Espanyol
Wed 13/05/23 Real Valladolid Barcelona
Sun 17/05/23 Barcelona Osasuna
Sun 24/05/23 Deportivo Alavés Barcelona

Barcelona Champions League fixtures & schedule 2022/2023

When is Barcelona next Champions League fixture? What time does Barcelona kickoff today in the Champions League 2021/23? When are Barcelona playing in the Champions League? Barcelona failed to qualify for the 2021/22 Champions League as they ended 5th in the La Liga under Antonio Conte. However, Maurizio Sarri managed the club to 3rd place in the La Liga which won them a place in the 2021/22 Champions League before they played the Europa League Final at Baku. Barcelona are in Pot 1 of the Champions League group seedings and we will know about their Champions League groups on August 29 when the Champions League group stage will take place at Monaco.

Barcelona Champions League fixtures 2021/22

When does Barcelona play the next Champions League match? You can watch all the Barcelona matches in the La Liga via live stream. Below you will find the schedule for Barcelona in Champions League 2022/2023. Barcelona Champions League schedule 2022? These fixtures are from the 2022/2023 season and will be updated as soon as the draw has been completed by UEFA.
Tue 17/09/22 Borussia Dortmund Barcelona
Wed 02/10/22 Barcelona Internazionale
Wed 23/10/22 Slavia Praha Barcelona
Tue 05/11/22 Barcelona Slavia Praha
Wed 27/11/22 Barcelona Borussia Dortmund
Tue 10/12/22 Internazionale Barcelona
Tue 25/02/23 Napoli Barcelona
Wed 18/03/23 Barcelona Napoli
When do Barcelona play next? Who will Barcelona play next in the Champions League? Who will Barcelona play first in the Champions League? The question is whether Barcelona has a chance to win the Champions League according to the odds? Soon we will publish the odds winner Champions League and then we will also see if Barcelona are favourites to win the tournament. Odds Barcelona winner Champions League? Barcelona game today what channel

Barcelona La Liga fixtures and schedule - watch all La Liga fixtures!

Besides watching Barcelona play, there are a lot of other teams to watch. Among other things. The schedules for other popular La Liga and European teams have been released as well and you can take a look at those as well. SEE ALSO: