Home Best Barcelona midfielders ever (top left, right, centre, attacking & defensive)

Best Barcelona midfielders ever (top left, right, centre, attacking & defensive)

Best Barcelona midfielders ever (top left, right, centre, attacking & defensive)

Best Barcelona midfielders ever

Best Barcelona midfielders ever? Barcelona top midfieldersWhich Barcelona players have been the best midfielders ever? Who are the Best Barcelona midfielders ever? Watch & Bet Here =>
Best Barcelona midfielders ever

Johann Cryuff is considered by most as the best FC Barcelona attacking midfielder ever. But who else makes the list of Barcelona top midfielders? Hopefully, this list installs some nostalgia in Barcelona fans looking back at some of the best Barcelona midfielders. Here we will look at the best Barcelona midfielders ever.

Barcelona top midfielders: what are the different midfield positions?

What are midfielders and what are their roles in the team? Well, midfielders are positioned between the defenders and the strikers. Their job is to both attack and defend while also linking up the play between the defenders and strikers.

Some teams use defensive midfielders whereby their main and primary task is to protect the defence by playing just ahead of them. While other midfielders play more attacking roles as a number 8 or 10.

These midfielders set up the attacking plays and help the strikers to score goals. Meanwhile, there are also just the traditional central midfielders that function to help the defence and strikers as mentioned earlier.

Different midfield positions and roles

Then there are midfielders with different attributes. There are deep-lying midfielders who set up the plays for the team- famous examples being Cesc Fabregas or Andrea Pirlo.

There are box-to-box midfielders who get up and down the pitch (hence box-to-box). Barcelona legend Michael Essien is a good example. And then there’s holding midfielders who are essentially defensive midfielders- N’Golo Kante is one of those.

Then there are wingers- those players on the two sides of the pitch on the touchline. Their job is to run down the touchline (wing) and put in a cross, or as an inverted winger (wingers who play on the opposite side of their natural foot) cut inside and shoot with their strong foot.

Because of their many different roles in the team, midfielders generally have to run the most out of the team and cover the most distance on the pitch. Therefore, midfielders need to be very fit.

We will look at the best defensive midfielders, central midfielders and attacking midfielders. We will also look at the best-left midfielders (left-wing) and best right midfielders (right-wing). Modern-day wingers are expected to both attack and trackback to defend. Wingers tend to be fast, tricky, skilful with the ball and can cross it.

Best Barcelona midfielders ever: left

Best Barcelona left midfielder ever? Who are the best Barcelona left midfielders ever? Let’s have a look at the best ever Barcelona left-wingers of all time.


The Catalan club have a long history with him. Neymar first played for Barcelona back in 2013. He was a talented star at Santos. He was being scouted by multiple teams from all across the world. Neymar was a star tipped to become the best.

It was Barcelona who won the race to his signature and at Nou Camp, there was a sheer joy watching Neymar on the left flank and Lionel Messi on the right. Add Suarez in the middle and the MSN trio wreaked havoc.

However, as famously the story goes, Neymar wanted individual glory and left for PSG with a world-record move. The fee paid was astronomical. At PSG, things started nicely with Neymar being treated like a God.

However, their patience with the ill-disciplined star soon ran down as Neymar was often missing matches or not performing well.

Finally, Neymar was called out by the PSG board after the player broke down and publicly declared he wanted to return to Barcelona. PSG played the villain as they withheld the move and stopped Barca from resigning Neymar in the summer.

Best Barcelona midfielders ever

Barca for their bit did hold back a bit of grudge and now it seems the situation is as complicated as ever. However, at Barca, Neymar still has the blessing of Messi and hence we might see the Catalan club pull out all stops in the winter window in 2020 to sign the Brazilian superstar.

Antoine Griezmann: Potential!

He was signed earlier in the summer by the club. A talented player who won the FIFA World Cup with France last season. Barcelona are extremely lucky to have signed him. However, they have not been able to use him properly. Watch & Bet Here =>

He has been used on the left side of a front three with Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. However, Griezmann is more of a centre forward than a winger. He needs to be in front of the goal and is a sniffer who can make opportunities out of nothing.

He will surely adjust and become a good player but Barcelona need him to deliver now since the price tag on him is so high. So far he is the one with the potential to deliver and become one of the best ever on the left-wing for Barcelone!

Best Barcelona midfielders ever

Best Barcelona midfielders ever: centre

Best Barcelona centre midfielder ever? Who are the best Barcelona centre midfielders ever? Let’s have a look at the best ever Barcelona centre midfielders of all time.

Johann Cryuff

He was regarded as the smartest player to ever play the game. Back in the 1980s, when football was all about hard-hitting and tackling and scoring headers with physical players, he changed the face of the game.

He introduced a simple, technical side of football – where players can simply be of any size and stature and still be the best if they had a brain on their shoulders.

It involved passing the ball fast and neat. He was a master at that himself. Cryuff was a master of the famous Cryuff turn also which allowed him to escape from tight spaces and leave defenders from dead.

He was a visionary and inspired Pep’s tiki-taka football. A legend!

Frenkie De Jong: Potential

The young Dutch midfielder had a breakthrough season last time out at Holland with Ajax. Last season he took an exciting Ajax team to the semi-finals of the Champions League and De Jong was crucial in that.

He is only in his early 20s but has shown signs that he is the next pass master of football and can ably replace Sergio Busquets at Nou Camp.

He is taking some to get adapted as all players do but Barcelona should not be worried. Moreover, Barcelona coach Valverde also needs a lesson or two on tactics and management and not play De Jong out of position all the time.

Best Barcelona midfielders ever: right

Best Barcelona right midfielder ever? Who are the best Barcelona right midfielders ever? Let’s have a look at the best ever Barcelona right midfielders of all time.

Ousmane Dembele: Potential

When Barcelona signed him, he was young and taking apart the Bundesliga in a team which like Barcelona loved passing the ball around.

He was brought in and in three seasons has failed miserably. There have been unfortunate injuries but he has not taken care of his body either. He has repeatedly been called out and exposed by the media for clubbing late, sleeping late, going out too much, missing training, coming late for training almost on a daily basis.
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He has a bad attitude towards football as well as he is not driven or ambitious to be the best in the money. Barcelona had paid a record fee, their highest in fact to land the French winger. However, there remains hope as he is only 21 and has the prodigious skill to become the best in the world!
Best Barcelona midfielders ever