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5 Best Barcelona defenders ever: best left, centre & right-backs

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever best left, centre & right-backs

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever!

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever? Which Barcelona players have been the best defenders ever? Carles Puyol is considered by most as the best FC Barcelona defender ever. But who else from Barcelona makes the list? Hopefully, this list installs some nostalgia in Barcelona fans looking back at some of the best Barcelona defenders. Here we will look at the 5 Best Barcelona defenders ever. Watch & Bet Here =>

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever!

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever: List

Note: We are listing one player per position and one goalkeeper as they too are defenders but simply we choose to ignore them!

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever

Best Barcelona left-backs: 5 Best Barcelona defenders ever

Greatest Barcelona left-back ever? Who are the best Barcelona left-backs ever? Here we will look at the best FC Barcelona left-backs ever. 

Jordi Alba

He was born and brought up in the Catalan region but started off his career outside Barcelona. However, in the days when Marcelo for Real Madrid was tearing it up as the left-back, Barcelona needed a solid answer and they found it in Jordi Alba!

Alba since his move has been indispensable to the Madrid team! It was not an easy task to follow up on club legend Eric Abidal but Alba in terms of performance has left him far behind. He is still an active player and has shown the world what he can do!

He is good in attack where he can flank up and join attacks and good in defence where he can drop down and help the defence. He is extremely fast, good with man-marking, sends his crosses perfectly and can shoot an odd goal every few matches! The complete package and possibly the greatest ever left-back Spain has ever had.

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever

The left-back has been hailed as one of the best players to play in this generation. If you do not believe us, go talk to Andy Robertson!

Best Barcelona right-backs: 5 Best Barcelona defenders ever

Greatest Barcelona right-back ever? Who are the best Barcelona right-backs ever? Here we will look at the best FC Barcelona right-backs ever. 

Dani Alves

One of the better players the game has ever observed. He has been a distinct advantage for how full-backs should play. He is additionally one of the most enhanced players throughout the entire existence of the game as far as flatware.

Dani Alves was a danger every time Barcelona wanted a goal or wanted to defend a goal. Playing in a group that scored for no particular reason and held the ball added to their repertoire constantly, it was significant Alves realized how to bomb advance yet additionally run back by detecting peril.

He was ideal for it. In any case, the hero that he will be, he decided to move to Juventus and Paris Saint Germain after that and provoked himself to win class titles and did as such.


Best Barcelona centre-backs: 5 Best Barcelona defenders ever

Greatest Barcelona centre-back ever? Who are the best Barcelona centre-backs ever? Here we will look at the best FC Barcelona centre-backs ever. 

Centre Back: Carles Puyol

Puyol was a captain for the Barcelona team for time since. He is Barcelona at heart. He was a Barcelona player all throughout his life and has come through the ranks of La Masia he was integrated into the team rather early. It was a blessing for Barcelona as he would go on to lead them to so many matches, trophies and tough moments before getting his recognition as one of the most successful captains of football.

Puyol played with the stars like Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho and Deco and led them rather distinctively. However, later when Pep Guardiola came in with his youngsters like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique and Busquets, Barcelona played a different brand of football, Puyol adjusted his game and became a different kind leader to lead the pack.

Puyol adjusted seamlessly to the change and led the new generation of youngsters to unprecedented success in the Barcelona club history. He will be forever remembered with great fondness at Barca.

Centre Back: Ronald Koeman

Yes, he is the former coach of Barcelona. Previously he coached Everton and Southampton. Everywhere he has been successful except his former club. He has been smart on the ball. He has been good tactically as a manager. We all know him as the coach. However, back in his playing days, he was way more than a smart player. Yes, we all know about his technical skills but he also is a rugged leader at the back who gave the club brilliant strength and leadership at the back.

Koeman was a part of the club in their greatest days of success in the modern era and brushed shoulders with the likes of Sir Bobby Robson, Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho at Nou Camp. No wonder he is a brilliant coach now.

Koeman also scored pretty crucial goals from the back which led the team to tough away victories in crunch matches for Barcelona. Watch & Bet Here =>

Honorary Mention of Goalkeeper: Andoni Zubizarreta

Way before transfers became intense and money was thrown around, players were signed rather easily and cheaply. However, in 1986, Zubizarreta signed with FC Barcelona for a record for a player in the position of a goalkeeper for €1.7 million, rapidly expelling Urruti from the starting lineup and once in a while missing a match a short time later. His ability to remove the established Urruti was a sign of things to come as he had shown that he feared no one and his performance was second to none. 

He was brilliant in goal for 5 seasons and led them to multiple trophies before he became too old and had to be removed. After the 1993–94 UEFA Champions League, where Barça lost 0–4 to A.C. Milan in the last, Zubizarreta was considered surplus to necessities and completed his career at Valencia CF, as yet playing at an elevated level. He resigned after the 1997–98 season at about 37, having played in almost 1,000 competitive games 622 in the league alone – the unequalled record – surrendering 626 goals).

On 2 July 2010, Zubizarreta was named Barcelona’s chief of football by president Sandro Rosell, taking over from previous club and national partner Txiki Begiristain. Over the earlier decade, he had served in a similar limit at Athletic Bilbao, while likewise filling in as a radio and correspondent. Watch & Bet on Football =>

On 5 January 2015, Zubizarreta was sacked as Barcelona chief of football by club president Josep Maria Bartomeu. We still though remember him with great fondness.  

5 Best Barcelona defenders ever!