Barcelona face difficulty in registering Gavi to their first team

Gavi, Barcelona’s young star, has recently proclaimed his appreciation for two famous Real Madrid players, adding an intriguing dimension of interest to the approaching El Clasico battle. The 19-year-old has already established himself as a powerful midfield force, and his youth will not prevent him from having an impact against the Galactico’s.

Gavi was recently interviewed by DAZN regarding the advice he receives from his mother due to his young age.

“My mother doesn’t even watch the games anymore, to be honest, she gets very scared. Before every match, she tells me, ‘Be careful not to get into any fights.’ I always try to reassure her and keep her as calm as possible.”

When asked who his favorite Real Madrid players were, Gavi had two names in mind. One of them is Jude Bellingham, a summer signing at Real Madrid who has had an outstanding run of form.

“He (Jude Bellingham) is showing his level at Madrid, but of course, they have many other very complete players, and you shouldn’t focus on just one, but the entire team.”

Gavi’s admiration didn’t end there; he also praised French talent Aurelien Tchouameni for his unusual playing technique.

“I quite like Tchouameni as a player. He seems like a top-level footballer to me, and I really like his style of play.”

The recognition of these two emerging Real Madrid talents by the 19-year-old midfielder shows his fondness for the difficult competition he faces in El Clasico.

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