Joao Cancelo admits to the risk he had taken while signing for Barcelona this summer

New Barcelona acquisition Joao Cancelo, who recently left Manchester City, described his decision to join the team as “risky”

The Portuguese player joins the defending La Liga champions, but he hails from the European champs. He might have shown up in January. According to Xavi Hernandez, City allegedly told them that Cancelo was not available for them last season despite the fact that they intended to loan him out. Pep Guardiola has disagreed with this. Nothing had changed for Cancelo. “That conversation was a little confusing. I’m not sure if it’s true that Barca wanted me in January because it didn’t reach me, but hey, Barcelona is a club I’ve always wanted to be at. After playing for my childhood team, Benfica, it’s the club of my dreams.”

“I am thrilled to be here and have thoroughly enjoyed these first three games. My teammates are supporting my effort to adjust as quickly as possible, which is crucial. It’s also quite easy for me because I play alongside fantastic footballers, Cancelo told MD. The 29-year-old defender said he liked taking chances, which occasionally explains some of the interesting decisions he makes on the pitch, like choosing to join Barcelona.

“Yes, it’s dangerous, but my life has always involved danger. I always enjoy taking chances, and I’m the same way in social situations. I have to thank everyone at City since I have so far experienced the best moments of my professional life there. I also got the chance to fulfil another ambition of mine by being selected for the FIFA XI last year.

“And that is thanks to my City teammates, the coach, Pep, and his staff, who are a very good group, very united, and you can see that,” he continued, “because for me now they are the best team in the world. Coming here was a risk, yes, but it is Barcelona, and when the opportunity to go to Barca comes, you have to go.”

Guardiola and Cancelo were rumoured to be at odds, despite the fact that each have publicly complimented the other in the media. There were rumours that Barcelona had reservations about Xavi Hernandez’s character before to his joining with the club, but Hernandez has more than anything else demonstrated his ability to manage the locker room.

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