Pedri: 5 Most Valued Barcelona Players

Pau Torres, of Aston Villa, has expressed concern over Barcelona’s young prodigy Pedri’s recurring injury problems. Torres, Pedri’s Spanish national teammate, provided insight into a possible cause of the 20-year-old midfielder’s recurring injuries.

Pedri experienced a demanding schedule in the 2020/21 season, appearing in several competitions for both Barcelona and the Spanish national team, totaling 4911 minutes of playing time.

During his interview, he said Barcelona should be blame for Pedri’s injury problems:

“If Barcelona had decided to give him adequate rest, I believe that Pedri would be in better physical condition today because he has been dealing with injuries since that time.”

Pedri “not enjoying football”

He further went on to state that he believed Pedri was not at all happy with this situation either. Also on his mind were the fans of La Liga and Spain itself, both of whom Torres believes are missing Pedri:

“I think he is not enjoying football, and Spanish football isn’t either because he is a unique player that Spain and La Liga need.”

Torres stated that Pedri’s injury problems could be worsened by his heavy workload. The young star appeared to be exhausted, with little to no time for recovery.

This season’s Barcelona injury crisis, which has mainly afflicted important players in Xavi’s system, has raised eyebrows and made debate. Pedri’s ongoing conditions, as a player who is expected to be sidelined on occasion, point to possible difficulties with his fitness and the confidence placed in his health.

Torres’ remarks highlight the significance of controlling the physical well-being of young players like Pedri. It serves as a reminder of the delicate balance that must be struck between developing talent and protecting their long-term fitness and career chances.

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