Barca manager Xavi blasts referring after Getafe draw

Xavi was furious with the refereeing in La Liga last night.

The Catalan giants failed to secure three points in their first match of the campaign against Getafe.

Barcelona manager Xavi was sent off in the second half for comments made against the officials.

Raphinha also got dismissed for an elbow smash on Gaston Alvarez which brought him a second yellow card.

Getafe’s Jaime Mata was dismissed early in the second half for accumulating two yellow cards.

Xavi claims it was repeated fouls that disrupted the rhythm for the title holders.

“It’s normal that people don’t want to watch football, this was barely a match,” Xavi told reporters.

“If this is the league’s product that we’re selling, it’s an embarrassment. Completely. That is the message tonight. Everyone has seen that. It has to be said, we shouldn’t keep quiet.

“The referee allowed all sorts, sent me off at the first chance and invented Gavi’s handball. The time [wasting] was shameful. We should have stopped clocks because this is ridiculous.”


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