Barcelona have offered a contract to Ousmane Dembele till 2028

Barcelona have offered Ousmane Dembele a new contract until 2028

The first phase of the operation is believed to have started a few weeks ago when Dembele’s agent Moussa Sissoko met with Barcelona coaches Mateu Alemany and Jordi Cruyff. At that meeting, only the intentions of both sides were discussed, and confirmation of figures was not at all on the agenda. It was clear that the club wanted to continue with the French player.

This sentiment was shared with the player’s representatives, who said they were very pleased with his performance over the season. Despite his long-term injury, he still has eight goals and seven assists. At the same time, players shared similar thoughts. Dembele is said to be very happy at Barcelona and he likes the way his manager supports him in every way.

The talks discussed in detail the ongoing contract with Dembele. His contract currently runs until 2024 and includes a release clause worth €100 million. In June and July, however, that price drops to €50 million, making it a great opportunity for suitors to sign him for a lower price.

However, it is good for Barcelona that the player does not want to leave and is willing to sign a new contract. These are all excerpts from his first meeting and now Barcelona will soon present him with a new offer, which will be a long-term deal until 2028. All this means that not only the team but also the players themselves are ready to let go, we are ready to let go of the problems of the past and look forward to a committed future.

Once the proposals have been submitted, the player’s representatives will evaluate the numbers and Barcelona will try to finalize everything before Mateu Alemany’s departure.

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