Laporta announces plans to keep Messi at Nou Camp

Barcelona presidential candidate Joan Laporta has hatched a plan to keep Lionel Messi at Nou Camp.

“I announce my candidacy and I’m doing it because I love Barcelona, its people, its fans and La Masia,” Laporta declared. “I love this club and I want to serve Barcelona again.

“We have the necessary preparation, experience and determination to make the required change and to bring Barcelona back to the top of world football.

“There are millions of fans around the world who want another successful period. We have to recover the pride of Barcelona. I want to push the club to achieve this glory.

“I will work tirelessly so that Barcelona are an engine of optimism, to recover the motivation of our players and to dominate in the Champions League, which is our priority each season.

“Barcelona and the Champions League is a success story that has sadly been broken.

“We will make decisions that bring us back to the top. Presiding over Barcelona was a great honour and they were the best years of my life, so doing it again is the biggest challenge I’ve had.

“If I have the members’ support, I’m sure we’ll do even better.”

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