Lenglet in favor of more substitutions rules

FC Barcelona defender Clement Lenglet has come out in favor of the decision to have 5 substitutions per match.

The governing body of FIFA changed the rule from 3 substitutes per match to 5 recently. The decision was taken by a committee headed by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. 

The professor of football pointed out the reason as one to help with the players’ fatigue given the current demand of the busy schedule. Moreover, in the current scenario with players coming from an abrupt mid-season break, their fitness levels are unlikely to be up to the mark. 

Hence, Wenger believed it would benefit the players, which many coaches have not agreed with as it aided the selection headache. 

However, Lenglet has come out in favor of the new rule. 

“We don’t know if it will hurt us,” Lenglet told Movistar when asked about the new five-substitution rule.

“In general, the player will benefit from it because we will have many games every month in the heat and a lot of travel.

“The footballer will be helped, we’ll see [about whether it helps] Barcelona.

“We know it’s a risk to play so many games with a two-month break and the heat, but we’ll prepare as best we can.

“This will be a new 11-match league and we’ll have to get as many points as possible to win. It’s like starting all over again.”

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