Messi: Football will never be the same

Lionel Messi has said that post the coronavirus the game will change forever. 

“Football, like life in general, I think will never be the same,” he said.

“The return to training, competitions and what was previously done in a normal way, now will have to be started again, but progressively. It will be a strange situation for us and for anyone who has to change their usual working dynamics,” Messi added.

The Argentine went further still: “A lot of people have had a really bad time because this situation has affected them in some way, as happened to all those who lost their family and friends and couldn’t even barely say goodbye to them. There can be nothing worse than losing the people you love the most, that creates enormous frustration for me and seems to me the most unfair thing of all.”

And how will the best football player in the world remember this pandemic? “With a feeling of grief and frustration for those who suffered the most due to the loss of their loved ones. And also with infinite thanks to all the people who fought to fight the virus from health centres.” 

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