Ronald Koeman hits out at Gerard Pique

Ronald Koeman has scolded Pique over his referee comments.

Earlier this month Pique made headlines when he suggested that the majority of the referees are biased to the Madrid clubs as they belong from there.

His comments are to be reviewed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation to see if the veteran centre-back broke any organisation rules on honouring impartial respect for referees.

Gerard Pique said: “The other day a former referee said that 85 per cent of the referees are from Madrid.

“How are they not going to whistle in favour of Madrid? Even unconsciously, how are they not going to give more for one side than the other?

“I respect the professionalism of the referees and I know they try to do their best job, but when a moment of doubt comes…”

Coach Ronald Koeman admitted that it is not his concern if Pique gets banned and refused to be drawn on any such matters.


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“It’s my problem if they sanction because of these statements, but he has enough experience to say what he wants,” he said.

“But you have to take care because, [even] with little [pushback], they can make you a problem.

“If you have to criticise, do so with respect so they can’t do anything to you.”


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