Barcelona planning audacious late sweep for Eriksen

In demand Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen is hot property right now.

He is a brilliant midfielder who can play a brilliant game and change big matches on its head. However, his contract at Tottenham Hotspur stadium is right now coming to an end.

He is going to be out of a contract in summer. Hence, Tottenham Hotspur boss Daniel Levy is also looking for a team to take him. 

The problem is that Levy is not interested in selling to any club in the English Premier League. Hence it is mainly clubs from outside Europe who are very excited to buy him. 

Inter Milan are very close to a deal to sign the playmaker. The player is greatly interested and joining the team of Antonio Conte means Eriksen can get his career back on track!

However, another club are now making a late attempt to sign him. They are really interested in signing the player. Reports are claiming that Eriksen coming to Nou Camp is a deal that has greatly interested the lot in Barcelona. 

The availability of the player at such a cheap price is a thing that has seen Barcelona interested in swooping in for him late. 

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