Setien calls Valencia transfer target Rodrigo

Setien was asked about Rodrigo and his links with Barcelona as a potential transfer target this season.

To that, Setien said: “I like all good players.

The Valencia striker has been up for grabs by Barcelona as a potential replacement for striker Luis Suarez.

“He’s an extraordinary footballer and tomorrow he could give us problems – he is a key player for their team.

“I would have preferred if he wasn’t playing, but we know that if he’s not there then there is another player. Valencia have a great squad with or without Rodrigo.”

After the Ibiza and Granada win, even Setien realised that if Barca hadn’t won, it would have been bad.

“I had a huge shock in Ibiza,” he said. “I am not going to lie, this is clear. We have to stress a lot the things that we give high importance to. In theory, this shouldn’t take us long.

“But in general I already know that lots of people only care about results. Those will only care to win, not how we play. This is like this in today’s football and its fine to me.

“I believe that the way [you play] should be valued too, how you get to the victory or how you lose. That seems like the right way to look at things, even though I can understand that some people only care about the results.”

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