Barcelona president Joan Laporta denies Koeman sacking

Eduard Romeu has decided to stick with Koeman and denies sack claim.

The Barcelona vice president reveals that the club has not decided to sack Koeman due to financial problems.

After Barca’s recent humiliating defeat to Bayern Munich, it was rumoured that Koeman would get the sack by the board.

“The political answer is it has not been discussed and the real one is that it is not a money problem,” Romeu said in a news conference on Thursday when asked if Barca’s financial problems prevented them removing Koeman. “But there’s nothing happening. There’s nothing going on.

“Koeman’s a good person. When the president and the board decide that he’s staying on, the commitment [to him] and the support is total, knowing that we are going through a complicated moment in which we have to rebuild the team.

“Losing to Bayern was something that was in the equation. It was the worst opponent at the worst moment. We had several players injured, we were playing against a consolidated side, the game came just after the international break… It makes us angry, but it was something that could have happened.”


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