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Messi knows that Barcelona aren’t too pleased with their Champions League performance in the last two exits and believes that the club must “start from scratch”.

Blaugrana was eliminated in April 2018 when they lost to Roma in their away match, even when they had a 4-1 lead beforehand. They lost by 3-0.

Having risen top of the heap from a precarious Group F that included Borussia Dortmund, Inter and Slavia Prague this term, Messi is asking them to disregard what occurred in the past when the knockout stages begin in February.

“To be honest, it’s always there,” the six-time Ballon d’Or winner said during Wednesday’s Champions League eliminations at an Adidas event.

“But we have to start from scratch. It’s a new year, a new competition. Obviously we have to learn from mistakes, but to think of the present and the future.

“We must forget what happened last year and the year before, it would be a mistake to think of that.”

It’s true that while Barca has suffered painful eliminations in the past, we agree that it’s best not to keep those in mind while progressing to a new start in February.

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