Di Maria happy with Barcelona snub

Angel Di Maria has played for the biggest clubs in Europe.

The Argentine winger first broke into the big scene when Real Madrid scooped him up back in the Mourinho era at Real.

He was a brilliant performer for the Galacticos. However, after the departure of Ancelotti from the club, Di Maria moved on to the next chapter – his biggest flop yet – Manchester United. 

The nightmare was, however, short-lived as PSG scooped him up soon after. The player, however, had another discussion to make three years back – when Neymar came to Paris.

He could have signed for Barcelona then as talks were initiated but he ended up staying at PSG. What does he think of the failed move?

“I was very happy in Paris, but people at the club at the time told me some things, which turned out to be lies in the end,” Di Maria told L’Equipe.

“Barca tried to get me to come. The two clubs discussed it, but PSG did not want to sell me and it ended there.

“These lies annoyed me a lot but, in the end, not leaving was a good thing because I am very happy in Paris today.”

“Ending my career in Europe with PSG is the only thing I want and have in mind,” Di Maria said.

He added: “As for the rest, I don’t know for the moment. No discussions have been initiated and this is not my intention at this time.”

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