Kevin de Bruyne Reveals He Didn't 'Care' Whether Messi Came To City Or Not

Apparently, Kevin de Bruyne didn’t care if Messi came to Man City or not.

He has admitted that if City wanted, they could easily sign Messi. But since it didn’t happen, De Bruyne doesn’t have much to ‘care’ about now.

He told the Daily Mail: “To be honest I didn’t really think about it.

“If it could have happened, it would have happened.

“If you can get Messi to your team you are always going to do it.

“I can see it from a playing perspective and especially as a club.

“Business wise, the amount of sponsors and money it would have attracted would have been huge.

“Even if you would have paid him a load of money, in a certain way you would get it all back. So I could understand the decision (to try) in that respect.”

“I really don’t care,” he continued. “I really don’t. If he would have come it would have helped us because, for me, he has been the best player of all time.

“But I am never looking at what players may come and what may happen, you know.

“You play with the players you have and I think we have a pretty good team in that respect.

“It would be stupid of me to assume what would happen if a certain player came. It happens in football all the time. People are supposed to come and eventually they don’t.

“I was also pretty occupied at the time anyway…”

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