Martinez wants to leave for Barcelona

Well, the player may have not said it yet. 

However, former Inter Milan president Moratti believes it is only a matter of time. He is also of the opinion that a player who wants to leave cannot be kept at the club.

“You can’t hold someone who has the idea of ​​being somewhere else. 

“That would put him in a position to remain involuntarily or, in any case with a different impulse, in the same place.”

Inter Sporting Director Ausilio has also laid down the law.

“As far as Martinez is concerned, there is only one way that he will leave Inter and that is by paying his clause,” Ausilio told Sky Italia, “A clause that everyone knows – there is no point in hiding – is demanding, because it has both deadlines and commitments that must be kept very precise.

“It is a clause that expires in the early part of July so it won’t last for a long time. And it is the only possibility that exists to take Lautaro away from Inter today.”

“He is an important asset of the club, and let’s not forget that he still has a three-year contract with Inter,” Ausilio said.

“Inter are not going to sell their most important players. We intend to keep them and eventually strengthen in the transfer market, and this also applies to Lautaro.”

Where do you think Martinez will play next season?

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