Monchi heart-broken with Barcelona comeback

FC Barcelona achieved Ramontada 2.0 last to last night.

Having trailed Sevilla 2-0 from the first leg of the Copa Del Rey semi-final, the Catalans powered a major comeback to win 3-0 and progress to the finals of the domestic cup tournament.

It broke the heart of many Sevilla fans, none more than Monchi.

“I’ve slept little,” Sevilla sporting director Monchi said the day after the game in comments carried by Marca. “It’s cost work, mainly because the taste of honey on your lips, of being able to have achieved another beautiful accomplishment for Sevilla. Unfortunately, others can celebrate our debacles and misfortunes. We can only get angry at not being able to have achieved great successes. What we have to do is review where we failed.

“It was a difficult defeat, hard to digest and complicated in the manner in which it was produced. You have to continue. The big clubs are valued by their ability to get up, there’s no time to lick our wounds, although the stick has been fat with disappointment. It was a precious moment to redistribute joy amongst Sevillismo. And that still makes my heart sink. I wanted to fill Sevillista homes with joy.”

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