Pedri feels Barcelona don't deserve to be in Champions League

Pedri feels Barcelona were not ready to compete in the Champions League.

Barcelona had a disappointing campaign in the Champions League with yet another group exit. Pedri spoke to the media after Barcelona’s defeat to Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

“Of course, it’s a failure. Barça have to go through the group and they didn’t do it because we didn’t deserve to continue in the Champions League. We are a very young team, with a lot of room for improvement, we have made some great signings, but we are not good enough to compete in the Champions League and it has been a great disappointment.

“We are missing a lot of things, but we have to be self-critical. It’s true that in Munich we deserved more, in Milan there were a couple of incidents… but after seeing what happened today it’s clear that we’re not ready to compete in the Champions League.”

Barcelona will now move to Europa League. This is the second consecutive year for Barca they are playing in the Europa League.

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