Setien Banishes Worries Over Messi's Injury

Barcelona head coach Quique Setien has assured everyone that Messi’s simply has a muscle “cramp” and not a serious injury.

To make his point more clear, he stated that such a cramp has happened to several other team players and it’s nothing to be worried about.

Messi came down with a quadriceps injury, as confirmed by Setien on June 11, and missed a few training sessions with the La Liga restart just days away – and this naturally got fans worried.

“It’s not just Messi – other players haven’t trained because they’ve had niggles,” Setien told Movistar. “It’s happened to lots of them.

“It is some minor tightness and we have it under control. Leo has a cramp that’s not hugely significant. I think he’s perfectly fine and he won’t have any problems.

“It’s the same for any other player. We’ll see how the league goes and what circumstances come up.

“We have lots of games and a small squad. I always want to have Messi on the pitch, of course.”

Quique Setien also updated on Luis Suarez’s injury. Suarez had been out of the pitch since January, after he came down with a knee injury.

“He [Suarez] is better than we expected. But the question is how ready he is after so long out, and whether he is ready to start.”

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