Summer transfer window: Barcelona’s plans

The football world is largely engrossed in discussions related to the Euros tournament, which is in progress at the moment. But the Euros will soon come to an end, and at that point there’ll be a renewed focus on the usual annual football cycle. One of the key questions will be the summer transfer window – and FC Barcelona’s plans will be right at the top of the agenda, given Ronald Koeman’s potential to make some big and bold moves. But which players are likely to be in line for a move? This blog post will find out.

Lionel Messi?

Those who enjoy placing a bet or two on Barca’s fortunes from time to time using a bet9ja promo code will know that captain Lionel Messi is a real anchor for the side – in multiple ways. He’s one of the world’s most famous players, for a start, and he’s considered one of the best. On the face of it, there’s no reason for Barca to shed this world-class player.

But the transfer window operates in strange ways, and that’s why there has been repeated speculation over the years that Messi could be in line for a move. Koeman tends to opt for players who are younger, and he may well want to bring in new blood as a bold move in the face of lower odds on a La Liga victory next season. Messi actually submitted a request of his own to be transferred, and Barca delayed signing his contract – according, at least, to press reports. On the whole, it’s expected that Koeman and Barca will keep Messi on for a while – but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this unfolding situation.

Philippe Coutinho?

Coutinho was first signed for Barca as a big-name player, but his recent performance at the club has been lackluster. He was even farmed out to go on loan to Bayern Munich, and since he got back he has been left largely on the sidelines – despite possessing what was once considered to be quite the playmaking force. According to press reports, he’s on a list of Barca players who are unlikely to make it once the transfer window opens.

Francisco Trincao?

Trincao takes his place in the squad as a forward, and he has had a similar trajectory to Coutinho in that he has failed to make a huge impact. In some ways, this is less problematic for him: he didn’t have quite the feted welcome that Coutinho did, and he didn’t beat the signing price of his teammate. In Trincao’s case, it could well be that his most likely outcome is a loan to another club.

In short, the summer transfer window is unlikely to gain widespread salience for a while yet, given the dominance of the Euros tournament. What’s clear, though, is that Barca will need to get moving fast in order to protect their side and get the best possible deal for current and prospective players.


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