Why Premier League won't work for Messi

Arsenal former player and legend Emmanuel Petit talked about how Messi might not be suited enough to play in the Premier League.

He states several reasons for this – the main one being that Messi is not like Ronaldo.

Reported by the Mirror, he said: “Honestly, I don’t think he’s suited to the intensity of England.

“He doesn’t like being closed down and being fought.

“In Spain, he’s protected.

“It would be a pleasure for English fans to see him but I don’t see why a club like Manchester City, for example, would move for Messi at 32 or 33.

“If City wanted to buy him, they should have tried to do it a couple of years ago.

“Messi is not Cristiano Ronaldo. Physically, he’s not the same machine.

“Ronaldo is a monster but, at 32, Messi has only one or two more years playing at the highest level.

“Even playing alongside great players at Barca, he won’t have the same pace or the dribbling ability.”

Messi spoke out loud publicly on social – a very rare occasion – against Eric Abidal and Valverde’s firing.

Emmanuel Petit feels to lash out like this – Messi had to be very upset.

He added: “Abidal has also had recent trouble with Xavi, who’s a legend at Barca.

“It was hard to understand what was going on there, with talk of Xavi joining as manager — it was all very unclear.

“Seeing Xavi’s reaction afterwards, it showed that there’s a lack of communication and that someone is lying.

“Something similar has happened with Messi. We’re not used to Messi speaking out on social media in such a manner.

“Usually, he’s very quiet, so clearly he must be very upset.”

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