Barcelona finances are an absolute mess - Vilajoana

Barcelona are in financial ruins.

At least that is what their economic chief for candidate Vilajoana believes. While the numbers are yet to come out, one can understand his sentiment given the horrible way in which Barto and co ran the club. Here is what Vilajoana had to say.

He said, “We want to present (Lionel) Messi with a ‘USA proposal’ and link Barça with an MLS team.

“This would mean creating a training academy, women’s football and an MLS team with the aim that Messi remains linked in the long term as the club’s emblem and generates additional income for the club and the Barça as the brand spreads throughout the world.

“We want to be the largest sports club in the world, with relevance, but we compete with club-states and if we are not well organised economically we will not be. If we want the club to belong to the members, we must see well the proposals of the candidates, years of crisis come and we must have clear ideas.

“Transparency must be inalienable. I’ve been reviewing the Barça accounts for a few days and you should go to NASA to understand the numbers. Where we are today is not sustainable.”

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