Barcelona look to overcome all obstacles and announce Joao Cancelo deal on deadline day

Although Joao Cancelo’s loan transfer from Barcelona to Manchester City has been agreed upon for some time, no official announcement has been made as of yet

The Financial Fair Play checks have put a hold on the agreement since the La Liga champions do not now have enough room to sign and register him.

The situation is anticipated to clear up shortly, and according to David Bernabeu Reverter of SPORT, Barcelona plans to make the formal announcement of Cancelo’s signing tomorrow, or Friday, which is the deadline for the summer transfer window. The 29-year-old right-back’s acquisition had initially been accomplished through a loan arrangement with a €25 million buy option.

The buy option clause, however, is allegedly being deleted from the contract since it would be problematic, particularly given Barça’s ongoing FFP troubles. As a result, the agreement’s specifics are being reviewed by all three parties to ensure that they satisfy their respective needs and those of La Liga.

The Barcelona side’s negotiators are examining whether a separate phrase can be included to establish a purchase agreement in principle without including the sale’s dollar figure, which would effect the Fair Play. The purchase is now anticipated to be revealed on Friday morning and today because of the complexity involved. There isn’t much time left in the transfer window, but Barcelona is still ambitious despite this.

In fact, the idea is to pursue Joao Felix after Cancelo’s contract is complete and they handle the Portuguese’s registrations, along with Inaki Pena and Inigo Martinez. Even if it will be difficult, the personal guarantees offered by the club board members and the impending loan repayments of Clement Lenglet and Ansu Fati may be able to generate enough Fair Play margin to cover all operations.

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