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Barcelona players with beards 2024

Barcelona players with beards 2023/2024

Barcelona players who have beards 2024? Which Barcelona players have beards in 2023/2024? FC Barcelona players with facial hair? A lot of footballers have beards now in 2023/2024. It’s a common trend among footballers. But some players can pull it off and some footballers just can’t. A good example of a Barcelona football player who can pull off a beard is Gerard Pique. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Barcelona players with beards

Top 5 Current and previous Barcelona players with beards

Who is the best looking Barcelona players with beards? Gerard Pique is one of those people that actually look great both with and without a beard. So here we will look at the Barcelona players with the best beards

5.  Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba - Barcelona players with beards
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Jordi Alba is one of the best looking Barca players with beard. He started his career at Barcelona, but was released after being deemed too small. After joining Cornella, he moved to Valencia. In 2012 he returned to Barcelona, with whom he went on to win 14 major honours, including five La Liga titles, four Copas del Rey and one Champions League.

After returning at Barca, he has been known as someone who doesn’t want to shave his beard much. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

4. Ivan Rakitic

Ivan Rakitic - Barcelona players with beards
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Ivan Rakitic is another great looking Barca players with beard. In June 2014, Barcelona and Sevilla reached an agreement on the transfer of Rakitic. In his first season with Barca, he won the treble of La Liga, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League. He scored the first goal of the 2015 Champions League Final and became the first player ever to win the Champions League a year after winning the Europa League while playing for two clubs.

He usually wears a shadow beard or a stubble.

Barca players with beards

3. Arturo Vidal

Barcelona players with beards 2020
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Arturo Vidal is one of the Barca players that have both an incredibal hairstyle and stunning beard. In summer 2018, Barcelona announced an agreement with Bayern Munich for Vidal’s transfer. He was officially presented as a Barça player and signed a three-year contract with the club on 6 August 2018 and the club’s vice-president, Jordi Mestre, announced that the fee will not be disclosed at the request of Bayern Munich.

Since forever, the world has been familiar with Vidal having a mohawk cut hairstyle and a goatee beard. However, in recent times he has been showing his full beard. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

2. Lionel Messi

Barcelona players with beards 2020
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Lionel Messi is not just the best Barca player ever but he also carry a great looking beard. Lionel Messi’s history with Barcelona is already well know, with beards one of the trend center beard styles amongst the current generation. He is not just known for his extraordinary soccer skills but also cherished by his followers because of his ravishing fashion sense including versatile hairstyles as well as promising beards.

He looks superbly handsome in all of his various beard avatars. Whether it is a light stubble or full thick beard, he always carries his beards like a pro. He has never disappointed his admirers from his looks as well as from his talent.

1. Gerard Pique

Barcelona players with beards 2020
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Gerard Piqué is the best looking Barca player with beard. Piqué joined Manchester United academy in 2004, where he remained for four years. He returned to Barcelona under Pep Guardiola’s leadership, and helped the club win trebles in 2008–09 and 2014–15. He is one of four players to have won the UEFA Champions League two years in a row with different teams, the others being Marcel Desailly, Paulo Sousa and Samuel Eto’o.

When it comes to sultry, sexy singers they don’t come much hotter than Shakira. But, in the eyes of many ladies her longtime significant other, Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué, is no slouch either and a great deal of his appeal stems from his artfully cultivated beard.

When he first joined the ranks of the soccer elite, with Manchester United in 2004, he was a clean-shaven Spanish lad and, to be frank, attracted about the same amount of lust from the ladies as well, Wayne Rooney. Then he secured a transfer home and a ticket to soccer superstardom, ditched his razor, spiked his hair a bit and bagged himself a Colombian pop princess. Was it all down to beard? Perhaps not, but we think it had an awful lot to do with it. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

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