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Barcelona FC offers Pau Cubarsi lucrative contract extension

Barcelona FC is taking extraordinary steps to protect the future of their growing star, Pau Cubarsi. The Catalan giants have presented a generous contract offer to the 17-year-old prodigy, aiming to put off potential bidders with a massive €1 billion release clause.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona is ready to sign a contract with Cubarsi that will keep him with the club until 2030. The intended contract, which would start on the defender’s 18th birthday, would last five years, getting his key role in the team’s plans for a long time to come.

Cubarsi’s current release clause is a low €10 million, leaving Barcelona exposed to outside interest, especially from Premier League juggernauts reported to be lurking in the distance.

Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Bayern Munich are among the top clubs closely monitoring the teenager’s meteoric rise.

Despite the appeal of possible rivals, Cubarsi has shown a desire to stay with Barcelona, a feeling reflected by his remarkable on-field performances. His services to the first team have not gone unnoticed, with Ronald Araujo comparing him to Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué.

Barcelona’s proactive approach to ensuring Cubarsi’s future shows their commitment to nurturing young talent and maintaining their standing as a football superpower.

With the possibility of a massive release clause, the club wants to discourage any advances and guarantee that Cubarsi continues to wear its iconic Blaugrana colors for many years to come.

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