Barcelona Squad Slam VAR For Awarding Real Madrid Unfair Penalty

Real Madrid was awarded a penalty in the second half of the match.

The penalty was awarded due to Barcelona’s Clement Lenglet pulling on his shirt and the VAR decided to award a spot-kick to Sergio Ramos against Lenglet – which was found unfair by everyone in Barcelona, including Busquets.

Busquets believes that because of the spot-kick, Real Madrid were able to get an unfair advantage over the game, for getting awarded a penalty for something as small as a shirt pull.

“The game was balanced in the first half and in the second half we were comfortable and created dangerous chances,” Busquets told a post match interview with Marca.

“The penalty tipped the game in their favour and after scoring it, they were comfortable and able to win the game.

“VAR claims a decision must be very very clear and everyone must agree but today we have been punished.”

Indeed, even Barcelona head coach Ronald Koeman is furious with the VAR’s decision. Over the last five games, Koeman feels that the VAR has been ‘against Barca’.

“For me, it is not a penalty. I have told the referee that I hope they can explain the issue of VAR to me here in Spain. In five days, the VAR only goes against Barça. He did not enter the penalty from Sevilla to Messi, in the two reds in Getafe, there are several examples. Why is there only VAR against us? I have asked the referee.

“VAR can be very good, but for all teams. Lenglet grabs him by the shirt, but not enough to be a penalty, because there are grabs like that in all the plays in the area. If you pull your shirt forward, you fall forward, not back.”

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