Blunder from Barcelona as they sign relegated defender to play behind Messi!

It is year 10 on career mode in FIFA. And the game is generating random transfers.

Or no wait, it is Barcelona in real life and their president Josep Maria Bartomeu has taken his incompetence to a whole new level.

After refusing to respect their most loved and loyal player of all time by threatening non-existent legal action with the unlawful aid of the La Liga, Bartomeu has gone on to take new bad steps.

The hiring of a coach who does not play the Barcelona football, allowing Suarez to leave for free to join rivals Atletico Madrid, telling promising youngsters like Puig that they dont have a place in the club.

Now the latest foolish action on their agenda is signing Max Aarons from Norwich City. This is in no way an insult to the player who is bright, had a good run at the Premier League last season and will develop certainly.

However, Messi has two year at the peak left at best. And considering he had Dani Alves in his prime behind him, Aarons is going to be a huge letdown.

Aarons is not Barcelona quality, certainly not right now. But then again, the longer Bartomeu continues to stay we do not know how to define Barcelona quality anymore. This is after all the team who got thrashed by 8 goals in 90 minutes to Bayern. They do deserve relegated players to be playing for them.

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  1. Not yet sign
    Nobody is taking suarez that is the fact he is 33 with history of bad behaviour
    Only 2 clubs had offer from which juvetus backed out
    He has 20m salary,la liga has wage limits if you know,coutinho will take the wage this year,not possible to keep all players,
    And regarding koeman nt suiting our style,setien was our style manager what happen then
    bortumeu was right not letting messi go
    Imagine wat would be fans reaction if he went in this crises for free


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