FRONT PAGE: Forbes claims Barcelona put Antoine Griezmann on transfer list!

A move that does not seem to end. A player who might have to move again.

The Antoine Griezmann story for FC Barcelona never began with promise and will look to end in an equally controversial way. 

The French World Cup winner was first linked with a move to Nou Camp in the summer of 2018 when he had already held advnaced talks with the club. However, he later changed his mind about the move and stayed back at Atletico Madrid – a story which he documented into a movie even!

However, his decision lasted only a year before he switched his mind again and left everyone in Atletico shocked and sad by joining Barcelona. It was claimed the players in Nou Camp did not support his arrival as he had insulted their club a year before by refusing to sign for them.

However, he came nonetheless for $129 million but was not able to play to his best level. It has now only been a few months at his new club where he signed a five year contract and Barcelona are reportedly ready to sell him.

It is believed the Catalan club are looking for $110m in compensation with clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and PSG interested in him.

The PSG deal could be ironical for him, according to Forbes, as it would include a swap deal with Griezmann plus cash for Neymar. It is ironical because Neymar was the player who Griezmann was brought in to replace and later the player even encouraged the board to sign the Brazilian. 

It would seem now Barca want him gone to make room for dear old Ney.

What a sad ending to a story for a player who had the world at his feet at Atletico after winning the World Cup and the Europa League only two seasons back. 

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