Has Messi ended Abidal's career?

Lionel Messi is a Barcelona legend.

So naturally when he speaks, the club and the entire world in fact listens. 

In a recent interview given by the club icon, he blasted the board for their inefficiency. So what has irritated a calm, quiet player like Messi, who loves the club so much?

Well the Barcelona board has rocked the club quite a few times. It started early last summer when the club failed to land Neymar despite specific instructions from Leo Messi.

It continued to go down for the next part of the season as bad results led to the coach Ernesto Valverde being fired from the club. 

Eric Abidal, the club’s new technical director, also proposed that the players need to buckle up. This was the boiling point for Leo who prides himself for being professional.

Abidal, who has made a quite a few fiery comments and has seen all fire back, went on to say that Leo is very important to the club. 

However, it might seem all, a little too vague and late for Abidal to save his job. Nobody is more important at the Catalan club than Messi. Masceranho had said that Messi is the club and more. 

So is Abidal out of a job?

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