Is Carlos Alena going to leave Barcelona

Barcelona player Carles Alena might not be staying at the club anymore. 

He is being targeted by Getafe and the people from the Getafe board have made it no secret they want him. Their president himself confirmed their interest in the player.

“I’ll speak with them this afternoon, or tomorrow, to see whether or not the kid will stay there. I like Carles Aleñá and wanted him two years ago.

“He could cover the place if somebody else left. If no one leaves, no one will come in.

“But Markel is tired of suffering and if he retires, we’ll have a spot open. He wants to retire and we’ll need to replace him.

“The market is open and there are players who want to join us. We’re in the Europa League and any deal which could improve us now, or for the future, is something we’ll value.”

Alena might not be the most important player in the Barcelona squad but losing a player in their ranks who is trained the Barca way will be a lose with their club identity at crisis right now.

Valverde’s idea to bring in players like Vidal is hurting the club more than just getting and losing players.

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