Messi Remained Confined To Parking Lot During Training

Barcelona returned to training on Friday and while the squad was training individually and practicing social distancing, Messi wasn’t seen around much.

Gerard Pique said no one has “even seen him train”. Messi was in the parking lot and wouldn’t get out of his car during the training time.

“We have had very little contact because we are training on different pitches,” Pique told Movistar. “We don’t even cross paths. With Leo, we speak about other things and on our mobiles, we are still in contact, but I haven’t even seen him train.

“I have a group, with Sergi Roberto and [Sergio] Busquets and we are on a pitch just for us three. We rotate. With Leo, we see each other in the car park and I see him inside his car. We haven’t had contact.”

It’s understandable why Messi was reluctant to come train. The coronavirus outbreak has affected a lot of people in Spain, and that would leave anyone hesitant to resume training, even if individually.

La Liga is also set to resume on June 12. However, Pique feels that the date could be pushed further as precautionary measures.

“We have been halted for a long time. A few more days training wouldn’t do any harm.”

“We don’t like playing without fans, but it’s that or not finish LaLiga and that would be bad, even though we are leaders.”

We’re with you on this one, Pique!

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