Pedri: 5 Most Valued Barcelona Players

Pedri extols Barcelona captain as ideal midfield partner

In the run-up to Barcelona’s much-anticipated encounter with Atletico Madrid, midfield master Pedri poured praise on his renowned teammate, identifying the Catalan club captain as one of his favorite midfield mates.

The Catalans, who are currently dealing with a midfield depth dilemma as a result of Gavi’s injury, are hoping to establish a powerful presence in the middle of the park against Atletico’s tough pressing tactics.

Pedri recently discussed his symbiotic relationship with Barcelona’s captain, demonstrating the satisfaction he feels when sharing the pitch with the crucial midfielder.

Pedri expressed the void caused by the captain’s absence by saying, “I really enjoy our partnership on the field, and in his absence, I feel his absence keenly.”

The dynamic relationship of Pedri and the Barcelona captain has been an essential factor in the team’s recent success, their various abilities smoothly combining to improve the overall depth of the midfield.

Despite missing a few games this season due to injury, the captain is now fully fit and ready to play his important role with Pedri against Atletico Madrid.

Pedri also praised another midfield partner, Ilkay Gundogan, who joined Barcelona from Manchester City this summer.

Highlighting the near-impenetrable ball retention skills of Gundogan and the captain, Pedri expressed, “When you pass the ball to them, it’s a rarity to see them lose possession. Having these two players is a luxury.”

As the Barcelona squad prepares to face the physical challenge posed by Atletico Madrid, Pedri underlined the team’s dedication to physical conditioning.

Dismissing misconceptions about Barcelona’s alleged neglect of physical training, Pedri stated, “The team invests significantly in physical conditioning. Claims to the contrary are baseless; we work extensively on our physical prowess.”

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