Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2020: What is Xavi Hernandez's net worth?

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2023: What is Xavi Hernandez’s net worth today 2023?

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth is set to be really high since he spent most of his playing career in Barcelona before retiring in the middle east where he earned even more. He is now the head coach of FC Barcelona. Watch & Bet Football Live =>

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2023

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2023

Unlike his partner-in-crime in Barcelona, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez’s net worth is only $40 million. Why do we say only? It is only because Iniesta’s is estimated at $108 million already and expected to end up above $150 million. That is a difference of over a $100 million!

Xavi Hernandez’s primary earnings came from his days at Al-Sadd. He was their manager too before coming to Camp Nou in 2021. However, earlier he used to be playing for them where he earned over $13 million per season as a player!

Now as the Barca manager, he earns around $12 million per season!

So it can actually estimate that Xavi Hernandez’s net worth than assumed by online new journals!

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth Forbes

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth.

Forbes did not outright define his net worth but through their other articles hinted that the former Spanish midfielder had a hefty estimated net worth of around $40 million as well. Once again, the calculations simply do not add up since his income at Al-Sadd and Barcelona have already been around $40 million.

Xavi Hernandez House: Xavi Hernandez Net Worth

There is not much information on his house as he likes to maintain a low profile on his lifestyle. We do know he has a brilliant and big house back in Barcelona. A video of him emerged over there once playing football passing back in his garden on a summer evening.

He has a second house in Terrassa, Spain.

Xavi Hernandez Car: Xavi Hernandez Net Worth

Xavi Hernandez Hernandez owns a few lavish cars! Of the ones that are definitely worth mentioning are his Audi, MBW S6, Range Rover, Ferrari F430, Ford. He did not even have to buy his Audi as he is their brand ambassador in the middle east and was offered one to drive around.  His Ferrari F430 is one of the fastest cars or at least was when he bought it. It had a top speed of close to 200 miles per hour. Somehow we don’t think Xavi Hernandez was impressed!

Xavi Hernandez Salary: Xavi Hernandez Net Worth

In his final days at Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez’s salary was around $14 million per season! Hence, the man who spent over 15 years at the club, will definitely have earned in excess of $50 million at least.

In 2015, it did not even peak for Xavi Hernandez. Peak Xavi Hernandez existed from 2008-2013 when he earned to reportedly around $20 million per season!

Xavi Hernandez Hernandez Endorsements

Xavi Hernandez has a long sponsorship deal running with Adidas. Along with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez and Robin Van Persie, Xavi Hernandez featured in multiple popular ads and campaigns for them. He is also the brand ambassador of the Qatar division of Audi, an area where they get one of their highest revenues.

Xavi Hernandez Charity

Xavi Hernandez is a man who gives back just as much as he earns. He has a charity program of his own. Besides that, FIFA gave him a check of $130,000 for being nominated as the captain of the FIFA Team of the Year back in 2011. Xavi Hernandez accepted the award and honour but donated the winnings to ICRC for the Red Cross’ physical rehabilitation program which was running in Afghanistan.

“It’s an honour to be part of the team and also to be captain,” said Xavi Hernandez at the time. “It’s an honour to represent European and world football, and in this case, we are helping people who are more vulnerable and who need it – so I am proud in that sense.

“It is very important to help. We are privileged people in society. We have it good, through living our passion. It’s a profession of course but it’s also a hobby and a passion. So to be able to help people who need it, it’s a beautiful cause and I feel very proud.”

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2023

Xavi Hernandez coach

Xavi Hernandez recently retired from football and took over as the coach of his Qatar club team where he retired. Xavi Hernandez earns a package of basic pay of $14 million per season with incentives and lucrative bonuses. In 2021, he moved to Barcelona at the midway of the season 2021/22. Watch & Bet Football Live =>

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